How does the Fernandina Paper Co. give back? 

A portion of each monthly or annual membership is donated to the A21 campaign to help abolish slavery worldwide. 

Will physical products that originally launched with the Fernandina Paper Co. (placemats, notepads, etc!) ever be available again?

We do not offer physical products - only digital downloads!

What inspired you to offer printable products?

I'm a busy mama to two and love cute stationery and printables as much as the next gal, but rarely manage to order customized stationery in time for holidays and events! The typical three week turnaround time just doesn't cut it for my lifestyle... so I got to thinking. Wouldn't it be wonderful to have access to the pretty personalized products in a pinch? And wouldn't it be even better if they were available at a super low price point? And just like that, the Fernandina Paper Co. digital library was born! 



How do I add a photo to a photo card or Christmas card?

  1. Upload your photo as an “element”
  2. Delete any existing photos by clicking “delete” on your keyboard or the trash can icon within Templett.
  3. Navigate to your elements and click on your photo to add it to your template. 
  4. Use the arrows to scale up (resize) your photo and place it on the design. 
  5. Use the layers tool (up and down arrow icons) to adjust accordingly so that your image is neatly placed behind other design elements such as wreaths.

How do I crop my image within a template?

  1. Select image. 
  2. Click the crop icon (open square) 
  3. Resize your image as a square, rectangle or circle and then hit “apply crop”

Should I download as a JPEG or PDF? 

PDF is my recommendation for home printing. Online print companies will specify JPEG or PDF.

Can I print my Christmas cards on 5x7 paper at home or will I have to cut each one? 

You can absolutely print on 5x7 paper if you have a full bleed printer! Just adjust your print tray and printer settings (paper size) to fit that size.

Where do you recommend having Christmas cards printed?

Local print shops are great! You can also choose to upload to Mpix, Digital Lizard, Stationery HQ or Zazzle for high quality prints! Postable (the digital address book!) also offers an "upload your own" service for Christmas cards. They will even mail them for you! 

How do I print on envelopes?

Just as you would print on paper! Adjust your print size settings in the tray and on the print preview. Print your custom envelopes with our envelope template to include mailing addresses and return addresses. 

Can I upload text or photos on the back? 

Yes! You can! You can add as many text boxes and photos as you'd like to the front or back of your card design. 

Can I swap a horizontal photo for a vertical photo?

Absolutely! You can remove existing photos and upload your own photo. You can even change the shape (ex: from square to circle) using the builtin crop feature. 


How can I see cut lines when printing? 

Some designs already have trim marks builtin. If not, choose "show trim marks" before downloading.  

Can you print multiple items on the same page?

Yes! Choose "save paper" when downloading your PDF for the maximum amount of items per page.
You can also adjust this in your print settings once your product is ready to print. For example, if you want to print 2 giftcard holders on the same page, simply change your COPIES PER PAGE to 2! 

My prints were smaller or larger than they were designed to be, what can I do?! 

If you're experiencing this issue, change your printer settings to 100% SCALE.
*Gift Tags / Stickers are designed to be printed on avery labels, if you choose to print on cardstock instead, simply change to SCALE TO FIT to ensure your design will print perfectly. 

What are your recommendations for in-store & online printing? 

If you choose to have your files printed professionally, once your files have been personalized by you, you can email the PDF over to your local print shop, staples, costco or Fedex! You can also upload to an online printer such as Mpix, Zazzle, Digital Lizard, or Stationery HQ. 
*Please note: "big box" printers like Staples, FedEx & Office Depot are convenient but often times colors print lighter than they are designed to - consider using darker fonts if printing in one of these stores. 

What are your recommendations for at-home printing?  

Here are a few favorite products for at home printing! These printables work beautifully with most color printers and a lightweight cardstock! For best printing, ensure you have plenty of ink, are using a pure white cardstock, have your printer scale settings set to 100%. For more printing at home tips & tricks, please watch the "print @ home" tips and tricks videos found here! 

Who do I contact with questions or suggestions? 

Please email with questions about your membership or how to edit templates. 

I've signed up for a membership but don't see an activation link in my inbox!?

Please check your junk/spam folders. If you still do not see an activation link please email us at!

How do I print the templates I like? 

Simply add to your cart, check out and check your inbox for a link to personalize! 

How many items can I print each month? 

Each billing cycle you can print 10 different templates, as many times as you'd like! For example, you can print 1-1000 bridal shower invites from the same template. 

Can I purchase printables individually?

No. At this time, printables are only accessible to those with a membership.

Can I customize the wording and names on the templates? 

Yes! You are able to personalize templates by changing the wording, names, fonts, font colors and text size for each of the digital downloads. 

How do I access my download?  

After adding to your cart and purchasing (for $0.00 - members receive up to 10 downloads for free each month) you'll immediately be emailed a link with a customizable template and easy to follow instructions. Once you've personalized your template it's ready to print!  I recommend downloading as a PDF. 

How much is a membership? 

Monthly memberships are $14.00 billed monthly. The annual membership is offered at a discounted rate of $168 billed annually. Your membership includes ten downloads each billing cycle. 

Can I cancel my membership? 

You can cancel your membership at any time but you will miss out on new printables added weekly and the limited availability seasonal items. You will also lose access to your Templett library. 

How many downloads does my membership include? 

Your membership includes downloads of 10 different templates each billing cycle. You can print each of your ten templates as many times as you'd like! For annual memberships, you will also receive 10 template downloads each month, on the accessible on the date of your billing cycle. 

Do I need to add all of my 10 templates to my cart at once? 

No! You can checkout with all 10 at once or individually as needed throughout the month.

Are the items currently in the library removed each month and replaced with new items? 

No - the library will keep growing and if you choose to continue membership, you'll have access to your previously downloaded templates as well as 10 new designs each billing cycle. Only seasonal items are removed from the library. For example, Halloween designs will be removed after Halloween. Christmas designs will be removed after Christmas. 

When will I be billed? 

Your billing cycle starts on the date you sign up for a membership. You will be billed on that date each month or year. You will receive access to ten new downloads on the date your billing cycle renews. 


**These files are the original property of McKenzie Fussell. They are for personal use only and cannot be altered, shared, resold, or distributed in any way. The Files are only available to the individual Fernandina Paper Co. member. Thank you for your understanding and support of small business. © McKenzie Fussell 2020 **
Your membership includes up to 10 downloads each billing cycle. You will not have access to more than 10 items within a monthly billing cycle. There is no limit to how many times a template can be printed. 
Colors vary from screen to screen and printer to printer. 
Products are available as a DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, meaning you will not receive any physical products, only digital files ready to be personalized and printed from home or a professional printer. For best printing practices, please see the FAQ page.